Best multi-currency cards

Below we list all the multi-currency cards available that offer current account with a physical or digital card. Multi-currency cards are a type of card designed to be used as payment for goods and services anywhere in the world and online.

They offer the same level of security offered by any credit and debit cards from traditional banks but with better exchange rates and much lower fees. If you are occasional traveler or spend online on international website, you definitely need one of this multi-currency card to save up to 2-10% of your spending. 


We create a comparison tool to help you to find the multicurrency card that fit your need.
Card Review
BunqGreenCard Bunq Green Card More
Bunq Bunq Premium More
BunqTravelCard Bunq Travel More
CurveBlue Curve Blue More
CurveBlack Curve Black More
CurveMetal Curve Metal More
InteractiveBrokers Interactive Brokers More
MoneseSimple Monese Simple More
MoneseClassic Monese Classic More
MonesePremium Monese Premium More
N26 N26 Basic More
N26You N26 You More
N26Metal N26 Metal More
MulticurrencyCashPasseport Multicurrency Cash Passeport More
Revolut Revolut Standard


RevolutMetal Revolut Metal More
RevolutPremium Revolut Premium More
SwissquoteGold Swissquote Gold


SwissquoteSilver Swissquote Silver More
Transferwise Transferwise


RobinhoodCard Robinhood Card More
WeSwap WeSwap More