What is a multi currency card?

A multi currency card is a prepaid, debit or credit card that you can use to pay in multiple currency. It works like your regular chip card from your traditional bank. Such a card is often offered on MasterCard or Visa Network with a smartphone application by money transmitter or digital bank also called Neobank. With multi currency card, you get (vary according to the cards) :

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • No markup on currency exchange rate
  • Transparent fees
  • Real currency exchange rate
  • Multiple currency account with international bank details

Ideal when you are doing a lot of foreign transactions such as in holiday or when you are living abroad.

For your holiday spending , you will avoid expensive foreign transaction charges on withdrawal and card payement. You won’t need to carry around a lot of cash.

For expats or people living near borders, those cards will avoid markups on currency exchange when doing shopping or transferring money abroad.

Paying with your card in the currency of the country you are visiting or the website you are used to shop.

You are looking for the best multi currency card and be borderless with your money or you have one and want to leave a review to help other people.

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